R&R and Beyond

 The Mariner's Game!  .....

 Which Maeve wanted to sleep through.
Pike's Place Market
 We loved Seattle

 Loving some daddy time at home :)

Dry river bed in Elbe, WA (Where we took the train ride)
 Mt. Rainier Scenic Railroad
 You can just make out the peak of Mt. Rainier in the background below.

 "Cold Beer & Wine, Fishing & Tackle" (Took this for you, Mom)!

 Ocean Shores, Washington

 Sharky's Souvenir Shop

 Big 'ol crab

The night before you flew back

 She's so cute when she crashes

 Hanging out at the soccer game

 Maeve takes after Mom, she's been surfing through the holiday catalogs already. 
She said she wanted this dining set.
 D for Dork
Stuff from Meme & Grandpa!

She loves her new purple outfit, and her "polar bear" vest.

Had fun at Lattin's Farm the other day. :)
 And here's your new seat covers, I just need to figure out the last piece that goes on the back in the backseat.

Maeve and I love & miss you! 


iPhone Picture Updates

Updates on the backyard and the minion.

We've had enough poppies come up this summer to start our own opium trade. Just about every day I find more getting ready to blossom.

Progress! I should have put the new area rug/mat out for you to see too. Tonight I put new flowers in the two big planters. I want to hang the string of lights somewhere around this area, so I'm thinking about getting some big bamboo poles, cheap tin or plastic buckets to anchor the poles in some sand or something then I can hang the lights around the patio that way.

The new flowers - I should have written down what they are. I know the tall blueish purple ones in the middle are salvia. The white and fushia ones will get bushy and overflow the planter once they fill out a bit more.

Maeve was getting pissy, reminding me that I needed to go cook some dinner. I forgot what the white and purple flowers on the little table are, but they smell so good. In the evening you can smell them when you're out on the patio.

(In case you had forgotten). lol

 She put her apron on and helped me out in the garden. And got so dirty in the process, she needed a bath. lol